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3 Simple Criteria To Help You Choose Your Website Template Design

3 Simple Criteria To Help You Choose Your Website Template Design


Have you ever looked hopelessly at a collection of theme designs, feeling a bit sheepish, wondering to yourself, “Just how the heck do I recognize which one I should select?”

Do not you really feel that the more website themes you consider, the even more they look the very same?

Allow’s simply obtain this out of the way … you’re not the best designer around– and you’re not odd.

It’s quite typical to really feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right style for your website.

Selecting a template to develop your site can either be a lot of fun, totally overwhelming, or for lots of people– somewhere between.

While a lot of internet site home builders offer a wide range of layouts for you to choose from– as well as some also supply 3rd party premium themes that you could buy– it’s simple to sink in a sea of seemingly limitless options, especially if you do not have an eagle eye for style.

Below’s fortunately – this complicated process can actually be simplified!

We have actually developed a collection of criteria we utilize when making design template style suggestions, to help you sift with all the style alternatives.

Here are the 3 criteria you ought to ask on your own that will aid guide you to discovering the ideal layout for your web site:

Material Width Style
Web page Header Layout
Food selection Bar Layout

Maintain analysis as we broaden on these bottom lines.

1. Which Material Width Should I Choose?

” Full-width material area works well for imaginative, modern designs. Boxed-width content area is better for typical, business-oriented designs.”

Broadly speaking, a lot of layout layouts nowadays offer you 2 kinds of content size:

(1) Full-Width

(2) Boxed-Width

Full-width is when the background picture stretches the complete width of your computer system display– from the left side of your screen right to the appropriate edge. So it gives the sensation that your website content has no borders.

Boxed-width is when your content has a noticeable structure to the left as well as appropriate side of the screen. So it seems like the web content is “boxed” into a set area.

Here are a number of images for you to see:

Incredibly popular type of website template.
Works quite possibly for mobile receptive templates and also graphic heavy sites.
Larger size enables you to fit more tabs in your food selection bar.
As the history image vehicle adjusts to fit the screen, the positioning of the web content in addition to the photo may shift depending upon the size and also screen resolutions of your site visitors’ computer screen. Some individuals might find this irritating.
Keep in mind: When using a receptive template, be mindful that the material alignment and also positioning might transform depending upon the internet browser or gadget the site is being watched on.

Standard site layout with a specialist, business-oriented feeling.
Supplies a fixed width for the web content. This allows the content screen as well as position to remain fairly the very same across different display dimensions and also resolutions, so you don’t have fret about various individuals having different visual experiences
Boxed-width design works best if you want your material display screen to be consistent as well as extra foreseeable throughout all monitor dimensions and also resolutions.

So think about how you want your site to feel.

Do you intend to depict a much more imaginative, contemporary style? If so, a full-width layout will function well.

Do you desire your internet site to really feel even more typical, much more business oriented? If so, lean to a boxed-width design.

Remember that this is just a wide guideline. A company web site can still work well with a full-width layout, and also the other way around. But if you do not know where to start, our tip over is a great way to get started.

2. Which Web page Header Layout Functions For Me?

” Choosing the appropriate header layout for your home page is more of a strategic choice compared to a design choice. It relies on what type of business you have.”

Most of the website’s web page have some kind of a header style. It’s the area in the direction of the top of your home page, generally the very first point your visitors will certainly see when they see your web site.

A great deal of web website themes are produced with a homepage header of some type. These headers could contain set photos, slide programs, or perhaps play video clips.

Nevertheless, don’t be sidetracked by instead pictures or elegant designs– relevance, do not mindlessly select the sort of header design that you are just one of one of the most pleased with!

It is necessary to think about whether the homepage header you select would ultimately assist or injure your company.

Which header design you choose is a strategic decision, compared with a layout option?

A carefully developed homepage header will effectively connect your core message to your visitors. It’s the initial point your site visitors will certainly see, as well as you have an extremely short amount of time to earn a good, impact.

Your website visitors will usually, make snap judgments on whether they desire staying on your internet site, or striking the “back” button in addition to leave your web website.

Your header area needs to establish acknowledgment along with understanding of specifically just what you’re everything about, instead of merely look nice.

Since you identify a header’s function as well as its value in assisting your visitors to much better understand you, just how do you pick?

Various sorts of headers function best for numerous sort of websites.

We’ll reveal you the usual sorts of headers and precisely what sort of organisation would certainly profit the most from each:


Who should use this? 

Static picture header should ONLY be made use of in sites that depend heavily on gorgeous photos to bring in customers– portfolio, resort, dining establishment, some physical products or visuals intensive internet sites.

As an example, if you possess a bed & morning meal organisation, your site ought to welcome your visitors with a captivating picture of your lodgings. Just how your organisation shows up on your internet site will directly influence your visitors’ choice to stay at your bed & morning meal.

In this instance, it makes good sense to make use of a template style that has a huge or full-page fixed header picture due to the fact that you want to develop an amazing aesthetic first impression to your site visitors.

The visual “message” can equate into the sort of experience they may have if they stay at your holiday accommodations.

Who should not use this? 

If your business needs message to discuss what you do as well as just how you could help your consumers, depending exclusively on a fixed header image is not perfect.

A fixed header image could use up a great deal of beneficial area “Above-The-Fold”– essentially, the display location that your site visitors see when they very first arrive at your site.

So if your service calls for some text to explain that you are and also exactly what you’re all about, after that relying exclusively on a static header picture (without content in the picture) could leave your site visitors slightly perplexed regarding exactly what you do.

Counting entirely on an image to communicate what your web site has to do with may function well for businesses such as restaurants, resorts, or services that have more to do with “way of life”. However it does not constantly work for a lot of various other companies. For these kind of organisations, you’ll should depend on more than just a picture.

Ask on your own this inquiry– Is your website quickly clarified with an easy picture without any text?


All internet sites can benefit from this kind of homepage header design– This the best choice if you do not know exactly what to pick.

A fixed photo header with material provides you 4 important components that can effectively describe exactly what your company is about, straight Above-The-Fold:

Supporting paragraph
Phone call to action (just what you desire your visitors to do following).
Supporting picture.
The header image need to play a sustaining function as opposed to be the main focus. It needs to present your heading, subparagraph as well as primary call to action together with an image that reinforces your business objective.


Who should utilize this?

A slideshow header works best for companies that deal with a selection of customer kinds or have multiple core services or products.

If your firm has different services for many consumer demographics, a slideshow header enables the products/ solution offerings of your service to be showcased in a well organized method.


That ought to use this:

A video background header works well to explain your service mission by featuring the range your service procedure in an interesting way.

Removaling photos or videos are extremely effective in ordering people’s attention, so it is not a surprise a lot of effective websites make use of video clip backgrounds to boost the interaction degrees and brand name recognition.

Most small businesses could take advantage of video background headers when they are used properly.

Below are some suggestions to remember if you determine to make use of a video clip background header style for your web site:

Usage contextual video that lugs a message– don’t pick random videos. Pick videos that sustain your goal, message, or state of mind. This particularly reliable if you are a way of life brand name.
Use an unique video instead of a stock video to provide your site much more personality and to develop a link with your target market.

Usage high-quality video that has high production value– don’t make use of video clips that have reduced visual quality as it shows inadequately on your organisation.
Keep the video brief and also video data below 6MB. A big video data can considerably reduce your site’s packing speed.

3. Which Menu Bar Design Should I Choose?

“The food selection bar might not look important, however it actually affects how your visitors perceive you as well as your brand name.”

Lots of people tend to send their emphasis in the incorrect direction when choosing a web site layout. The design is necessary, yet the energy of the design defeats the esthetics every time.

One of the most underestimated components of a site style is the menu bar style. This consists of the menu bar kinds, position, as well as format.

It is essential to choose one that fits your service’ requirements.

Why is menu bar design such a fundamental part of your theme?

The food selection is the primary tool that your target market will use to browse your web site. It develops a guidebook to assist your site visitors around your web site and where they should concentrate their interest.

If a visitor visited your site and could not determine where to locate the details they are seeking, then your website basically came a cropper … regardless of exactly how good it looks!



Select a tidy, basic design that makes your food selection tabs simple to read and gain access to.
Utilize a color that’s much easier on the eye as your menu background (absolutely nothing also sharp or flashy ). Highlight the menu tab text with a different color to make them stand out. (See boxed section directly below if you’re bad with picking shades.).
Develop a pecking order for your pages. Design your pages in reducing importance from delegated right (the most essential web pages goes to the left side).


Do not clutter your menu with a lot of web page tabs. Only display screen pages that are important to your organisation. It’s very easy to maintain including more pages as you’re passionate concerning your service. Yet this could overwhelm your site visitors.
Don’t use distracting backgrounds that make menu tabs tough to review. Some people want to add elegant background photos/ patterns to menu bars. Don’t do that!
Do not make use of tiny font dimensions or excessively elegant font style styles that make it difficult for your site visitors to read. It can be frustrating!


Understanding exactly how you desire your web site visitors to experience your site will guide you to the type of food selection bar style you ought to choose.

This works best for websites with a lot of web content (basically very long pages). Dealing with the menu bar to the leading or side of the page permits your visitors to quickly switch over in between web pages without the have to scroll back to the top.

If your internet site does not have long pages (not material heavy), after that having actually a dealt with food selection bar on top of the web page becomes much less effective (as well as a little pointless). You’ll have much more template style options at hand if you don’t utilize a fixed-position menu bar design. Think about whether your website absolutely needs this attribute.

Top Horizontal Menu Bar

80% of sites utilize this standard style of menu bar style. It’s popular since it is effective.

Individuals are conditioned to go to the top of the page when they are looking for the menu bar. The size of the menu bar is limited by the width of the internet browser.

It’s a really classic menu bar style, and you can’t fail with this design most of the moment.

Side Vertical Menu Bar

Having a menu bar on the side is rather prominent with graphic-intensive internet sites (such as a portfolio, restaurant, salon, health spa, and so on).

Upright food selection bars are particularly reliable if your website has a lot of food selection tabs to show, or have food selection bar titles that are longer than typical.

Be careful that some website themes have actually “dealt with” vertical side menu bar, so there is a limitation to the amount of tabs you could include. Some layout templates have a scrollable upright food selection bar, so the number of tabs you could present is unlimited.

Having a food selection bar on the side is rather popular with graphic-intensive web sites (such as a portfolio, restaurant, beauty parlor, health spa, and so on).

Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar

This food selection bar format is not as well usual. It works exceptionally well for graphic extensive internet sites where you want your visitors to concentrate on the immediate content, instead of intuitively begin searching for the food selection bar.

When the menu bar is placed at the end of the page, it eliminates any type of visual interruptions and also pressures your site visitors to concentrate on the instant material before them. You will see this food selection bar layout in digital photography and also profile internet sites (interior decoration, architecture, artists, and etc).

This style of food selection bar additionally functions well if you put a great deal of web links in the material area to direct your site visitors around the web site. By doing this, you are less reliant on the menu bar, as you direct your site visitors to various web pages with on-page links.

Now that we’ve discussed the 3 criteria to helping you pick the right website template design, let’s put the process into practice so you can start figuring out what works for you and your business.


Logo positioning is not random. Just how your logo design is located actually states a lot regarding the objective of your service.

1. Logo positioned on the exact same level/ line as your food selection bar

This style functions best for websites that place even more concentrate on advertising their services or products, and also less focused on company branding. As the logo design gets on the exact same degree or is included within the menu bar, the dimension of the logo is restricted.

This is also a design that is primarily used by B2B (business-to-business) sorts of businesses where branding and also marketing are less of an emphasis compared to retail businesses.

Naturally, the logo design (branding) is still crucial, however simply less noticable as the size of the logo is restricted by the food selection bar.

2. Logo put in the center with the menu bar (either listed below or over it).

If you are concentrated on producing a brand name identification, this is the most effective layout option as your logo design is extra plainly shown.

There is much less constraint on the size of your logo design, so your site visitors are most likely to focus on it.

This logo design format is fairly preferred among retail services as they make use of various advertising and marketing techniques to create a brand name identification as well as to advertise brand name commitment.

So think of exactly how you want your logo design to be positioned. Are you more focused on branding? If so, placing your logo design above or listed below your menu bar could assist you accomplish that objective.

Pick Your Website Template Design – Let’s Apply What We Discussed

Now that we’ve gone over the 3 standards to helping you select the appropriate site layout style, let’s put the process into technique so you can start figuring out what benefit you and also your business.

We will also reveal you 2 examples so you could see exactly how the process can help you. We’ll additionally offer you a few great resources of where to begin searching for design templates below.

Step 1: Select the best combination for your website:.
Content Width Style.

Full-width – even more contemporary look.
Boxed-width – even more traditional look.
Step 2 :Web page Header Layout Layout.
Fixed Picture (No Web content) – if a solitary image could successfully inform the story of your brand.
Static Photo (With Material) – if you need message headlines to describe what your service does– most common.
Slideshow – to highlight several consumer kinds you are targeting or different products/ solution offerings you supply.
Video History – if a video clip functions well to tell the tale of your brand name. See this comprehensive overview on how to the do’s and do n’ts of establishing a video history on your internet site, consisting of where to locate video clips or templates with video clip history developed right into them.
Step 3: Menu Bar Style.
Ensure it is very easy to read – simple background shade and ordinary font styles with different shade.
Menu Position:.
Repaired Placement – if you have long scrolling pages. Easy for visitors to locate the food selection bar.
Horizontal (Leading  – for site with limited menu bar products (much less than 8 things) – most typical position.
Upright (Sidebar) – for graphic-intensive layouts with a great deal of food selection bar things.
Horizontal (Base) – for graphic-intensive layouts where you desire visitors to focus on material right now.
Setting of Logo design:.
Exact same Degree as Menu Bar – less branding & enables more area for web content.
Above or Below Menu Bar – more branding effect as logo is larger but lowers space for content.

Since you have a preliminary concept of what you’re seeking, you could begin browsing through design template designs once more, yet with the benefit of having the ability to sift via styles that do not match your criteria.

Narrowing down your checklist will certainly take a while, yet at least you now have some kind of direction.

Action 2: Narrow down your listing to 1 or 2 options

As soon as you’ve put together a checklist of possible layout candidates, it’s time to choose one or two templates you like the most effective.

Nevertheless, it could still be testing to make a final decision without very first taking the web site themes for a “test drive”.

If you are utilizing cost-free design layouts, then aim to insert some web content in each design so you could see which one you prefer. Given that the themes are complimentary, this offers you the chance to deal with each template to evaluate them out.

You never ever know which one you choose until you actually work with them– much like test owning an auto. It will be well worth your time.

If you are making use of a paid style template, you could not be able to test out the style. If that’s the case, we suggest you to examine each theme’s demo website and summaries thoroughly, in order to make a decision if that design could potentially benefit you.

It will be a little bit of a wager, especially that a paid style usually set you back anywhere from $50 to $150. But if you locate something you actually like, and also do your due persistance on it (except really attempting the design), it could be worth the threat.

Conclusion & Key Take Aways

Choosing the right website template design is like buying a house – confusing at times, and you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong choice.

You likely won’t locate that a person perfect design theme that will certainly satisfy your 10-page wish list. That “unicorn” design possibly does not exist unless you are willing to spend thousands on a personalized internet site style.

Side Note: If your organisation is not producing a lot of money yet, we highly advise you versus hiring a website developer (see our arguments below).

However, if you take an organized method, such as applying the 3 criteria we explained above, this can assist you limit your options from thousands of layouts down to maybe a handful. That by itself is a significant success, right?

From there, you must test them out if they are offered for free.